Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Day One

"Verily our most magnificent allies excel in defending their own vehemently from justice"

America once again demonstrates that the lives of non-american citizens mean nothing in their grand scheme.

They lie cheat and deceive us all in the name of the "war on terror" who is it that is making this world even more terrorised by their very actions all the while eroding our god given freedoms enshrined in the magnacarta and the declaration of independance.

Clearly from the transcripts we have seen and heard the two individuals involved know their guild and are remorseful over their actions "Im going to be sick" "Dude we are going to jail".

Justice cannot and must not be evaded, it must be seen to be done and someone needs to stand up and take responsibility for their actions and their consequences, wether it be the american government for not providing adequate training, the two pilots involved in the incident for their actions without permission from their ground controller someone has to take responsibility.

Mr Bush and Mr Blair and the two pilots, one day justice will find you and you shall be judged by your peers and pay the price for your actions, I only hope that we all live long enough to see that day.

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